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We spoke with Truefitt & Hill enthusiast and Canadian television personality, Randall MacDonald, about the importance of a carefully cultivated image, his views on personal presentation and go-to grooming rituals. 


What does your daily grooming routine look like?


For my hair, I always use quality shampoo and conditioner. When dry, I apply a hair oil to keep the hair looking shiny and to take away any frizz or split ends. I use pomade to style and then hair spray to help maintain the look throughout the day—a must for looking pulled together on and off camera.


For shaving I apply facial oil before applying my shaving cream with a shaving brush. I use a combination of a straight razor and a safety razor. The straight razor I use for getting and maintaining crisp, clean lines on my facial hair, whether that be simple or elaborate sideburns to a beard. Facial hair needs to look like it’s being cared for and groomed.


After shaving I apply facial conditioner and eye cream. I always finish my routine with some cologne; who can resist a man who smells phenomenal?


As a dedicated Truefitt & Hill advocate, which products have a place in your daily grooming ritual?


I love that Truefitt & Hill has a full range of products to take care of my grooming needs and appreciate the length of history behind the brands itself —it's comforting to know I'm in good hands. Also, Truefitt & Hill has entire grooming lines within the same scent, which is rarely seen in other product lines for men.


I personally love the Super Badger shaving brushes, shave creams and pre-shave oil. I have sensitive skin and these three items are my mainstays for a comfortable shave.


As a classic grooming advocate do you have any tips you'd like to share?


First and foremost, get a great haircut. It’s the simplest way enhance your overall look and elevates pretty well everything about your presentation. Secondly, I'd say make sure your facial hair is well groomed/trimmed, even if it’s just sideburns.This makes a world of difference in looking polished and together. Thirdly, I cannot stress the need for a solid moisturizer enough—I'm partial to using Truefitt & Hill's Advanced Facial Moisturizer at night and in the morning.  


Did you know that Truefitt & Hill is the world’s oldest barber shop?


Yes!  It certainly got my attention as it's incredibly interesting and something to be shared with others, particularly when  discussing the value of personal style and aesthetic. Beyond this, it’s amazing that the company holds a Royal Warrant and only uses the finest quality ingredients —another reason why I support Truefitt & Hill so heartily.

What does grooming for greatness mean to you? 


Grooming for greatness takes effort and it’s a wonderful form of self-respect and self care to groom carefully.


It’s important to be open to trying most grooming products, from hair to shaving, to skin care. The ritual of grooming is the perfect time to celebrate ourselves and pay attention to our needs and image. It’s a series of little acts that make a tremendous difference in how the world views us and we view ourselves.


Does grooming help you in realizing your goals and achieving greatness?


Absolutely. How you present yourself tells the world who you are and how to treat you without having to say a word. It opens doors and can start many amazing conversations. Being well-groomed has led to some great opportunities, and I'm sure it will continue to.