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Polo, the sport of kings, weaves a tale of centuries-old traditions, captivating grace, and regal connections. With origins dating back to ancient times, this equestrian pursuit has transcended cultures and borders, evolving into the distinguished game we know today.

The roots of polo can be traced to the far reaches of Central Asia, where nomadic tribesmen honed their equestrian skills while using sticks and balls to play a game known as "pulu" or "pulu khop". As the game spread to Persia, it evolved into "chogan" – a sport that showcased the prowess of Persian nobility and warriors.

Photo Credit: Guards Polo Club

Intrigued by the game's charm, conquering empires carried polo's legacy to distant lands. In the 13th century, the sport found its way to the Indian subcontinent, courtesy of Muslim conquerors. There, British tea planters in Assam formed the first European polo club in Silchar in 1858, paving the way for polo's enduring association with the British Isles.

As the sport's popularity flourished, polo spread its wings beyond the British Isles, transcending continents and cultures. In its early days, polo was exclusively enjoyed by British aristocrats residing in the estancias of the Buenos Aires province in Argentina. The spirit of the game, coupled with the allure of equestrian prowess, captivated the hearts of these noble souls. By the early 1920s, the sport's presence in Argentina had grown exponentially, as clubs emerged across the country, attracting an ever-expanding community of polo enthusiasts. The year 1921 marked a pivotal moment, as the Federación Argentina de Polo was established.

Beard Oil

The Guards Polo Club, an embodiment of elegance and prestige, stands as a testament to polo's lasting appeal. Established in 1955 in Windsor, Berkshire, the club was originally known as the Household Brigade Polo Club. Under the stewardship of Colonel William Gerard Leigh, a player and later Chairman, it changed its name to the Guards Polo Club in 1969, paying homage to the Guards Division of the British Army.

Nestled within the enchanting Windsor Great Park, the Guards Polo Club boasts ten meticulously groomed polo pitches, spread across a sprawling 130 acres. The club's iconic grounds have witnessed an array of high-profile tournaments and competitions, captivating audiences and players alike.

It is a place where royalty has graced the field, most notably HRH Prince Philip, the late Duke of Edinburgh, who was not only a remarkable player but also the founder of the Guards Polo Club. His enduring association with the club and Truefitt & Hill – a partnership of distinction – further enhances the club's allure.

With an annual playing season stretching from April to mid-September, the Guards Polo Club hosts a range of premier tournaments that attract polo enthusiasts from around the world. The Queen's Cup, a high-goal event, the medium-goal Royal Windsor Cup, and the low-goal Archie David Cup showcase the prowess of the sport's finest players, setting the stage for timeless moments of equestrian grandeur.

Truefitt & Hill's commitment to grooming mastery resonated with the essence of polo's grace and refined spirit, creating a natural alliance that would endure through the ages. Over the years, we became an integral part of the polo world, managing the grooming needs of polo's fashionable set with our signature expertise. From the distinguished players to the stylish spectators, our barbers ensured that every gentleman gracing the polo grounds exuded an air of timeless refinement.

C.A.R Cream (Without Oil)

The partnership between Truefitt & Hill, and the Guards Polo Club blossomed, further solidifying polo's connection with the world of refined grooming. Our shared values of excellence, tradition, and sophistication continue to intertwine, enriching the polo experience for patrons and players alike.

As the sport of polo continues to enchant and mesmerise, the Guards Polo Club stands as a timeless bastion of tradition and excellence. Rooted in regal connections, elegance, and a passion for the sport, this illustrious institution perpetuates the grandeur of polo, forever entwined with the legacy of Truefitt & Hill – the quintessential English gentleman's groomer. Together, we epitomise the harmonious union of sophistication, skill, and enduring grace that defines the sport of polo.