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As well as adjusting your clock this Fall, is it also time to adjust your skin care routine?

Fall presents a set of changes in our lives; a change in the weather, a change in our wardrobe, and a change in our skin. Yes, as the temperature becomes cooler and the days shorter, the needs of our skin are changing too. With less moisture in the air, our complexion becomes drier creating a whole new set of challenges that we need to manage. Our skin is producing the same amount of oil, but now in fall there is an increase in the amount of dead skin cells. Without a proper skincare regime, bacteria will build up in our skin, making it sensitive and uncomfortable.

Fall is a time when we should be strengthening our skin for the even drier winter months ahead, while recovering from any sun damage experienced during the summer. Don’t wait until your skin is dry, flaky and tight to realize you need to hydrate your skin this fall, act now with these simple skin care steps and keep your skin looking fresh all season.

Invigorate the day with a shower scrub

Start the day with an all-over skin solution. A great reason to get out of bed in the morning, Invigorating Bath and Shower Scrub contains jojoba beads that have naturally occurring vitamin E to heal the skin. Scented with an exceptionally refreshing Rosemary-mint fragrance, it is non-stripping and non-drying with a chelating agent - that does not allow minerals from hard water to adhere to the skin.

Cleanse the impurities away

Cleansers are an excellent way to thoroughly remove the grit and grime that can build up on your skin. An essential component in your routine, choose one that is gentle enough to be used twice a day, in the morning and at night, and removes impurities without drying. Choose cleansers like our Daily Facial Cleanser that contain hydrating Hyaluronic Acid, an active ingredient that plumps away fine lines and intensely hydrates dull, dry skin. Remember to repeat before bed to rinse away all the gunk that seeped into your pores during your busy day.

Exfoliate the energy back

Often viewed as an extra step, exfoliating is a necessary one in fall. Our skin cells regenerate slower when the weather gets cooler, meaning more of those dead cells that trap oil in the skin. Enriched with willow bark, borage oil and walnut shell to provide optimum results, our No. 10 Cleansing Scrub gently exfoliates while stimulating skin-cell renewal. Exfoliating before you shave not only rids your face of dead skin cells and excess oil that causes acne, but it also helps to open up pores and lift facial hair, preventing in-grown hairs and cuts.

Advanced care

Beyond the basics, extend your facial skin care with our advanced anti-ageing serums which have superior collagen boosting properties, helps minimize the appearance of wrinkles and aids skin protection from environmental aggressors and free radicals. Learn more about our serum and booster.

For the Bearded

Facial hair wicks moisture away from the surface of the skin, so it’s just as important to consider how you look after your facial hair this fall. Firstly, use our Coconut Shampoo that's mild enough for beards to clean the hair thoroughly and keep it healthy. Secondly, use our Gentleman’s Beard Oil to soften and smooth facial hair and also moisturize your skin underneath. Finish with an alcohol-free product that does not dehydrate, like Gentleman’s Beard Balm. Especially formulated to nourish, condition and soften even the toughest beard bristle, it is also easily absorbed by the skin, improving beard strength while preventing dry, itchy and flaking skin beneath.

For the Shaven

Designed to provide the closest shave whilst at the same time protecting and aiding in the repair of your skin, Ultimate Comfort Shaving Cream is formulated for sensitive skin. Lavender essential oil is a gentle antiseptic which helps to heal skin, while moisturizing glycerin improves glide and comfort to ensure that this cream forms a thick, rich lather.

Follow with Ultimate Comfort After Shave Balm containing lanolin and aloe vera extract, applying a small amount into hands and massaging into your face and neck to soothe the skin post-shave.

Maintain the Moisturise

The reduced humidity in fall drains the moisture from your skin. To remedy this and ensure moisture is retained throughout the day, an oil-based moisturiser that doesn’t leave a greasy residue is essential. Our lightweight Advanced Facial Moisturiser is packed with nourishing ingredients to leave skin hydrated and supple, while targeting the signs of ageing. As if that wasn't enough, this creamy moisturizer with a subtle lavender and lime fragrance creates a smooth, matte finish making it ideal post-shave.

So, might it be time to adjust your skin care regimen for fall? Stick to these simple tips to ensure your body’s largest organ will stay looking healthy and hydrated all through fall and beyond.