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When it comes to getting the most from your fragrance, less is more. While signature scents may be unique, there are universal tips to keep in mind when applying your cologne to ensure it makes a lasting impacting without overpowering.

Tip 1: Apply cologne to clean skin

Apply cologne to clean skin, ideally after drying off from a shower or bath, as this helps the fragrance absorb.

Model taking a shower with Truefitt and Hill shower gel

Tip 2: Spray cologne from 3-6 inches away

Spray 3-6 inches away from your body to eliminate the risk of overapplying and concentrating the fragrance.

Model spraying cologne 3-6 inches away from his body

Tip 3: Apply to pulse points

Apply to pulse points – such as the side of your neck or wrists – as these areas generate the most heat which activate the fragrance.

Model spraying cologne on his wrist pulse point

Not sure what scent to try?

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