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Clothes have moods. Fabrics have personalities. Prints suggest types. Colours should be loud or sympathetic. Scent, like history, have times and dates. As the seasons change, so should you; finding the perfect scent to match the new season, a new you can be tricky.

Truefitt & Hill recognises that men are complex individuals with a multitude of personalities to reflect our versatile lifestyles; changing one’s scent to adapt to a change in season, mood, or wardrobe, should be as equally as important as adapting one’s wardrobe for Spring, Summer, Autumn, or Winter.

Although there are essentially no rules, Truefitt with its pool of fragrances created over two centuries, is well placed when it comes to suggesting where best to start. Layering is key, skin types, weather patterns, and confidence play a role in what’s right for you. There’s something exuberant about playing with perfume - scent combining allows one to create one’s own bespoke fragrance.

Scent combining shouldn’t be limited to colognes alone. Start off the process of layering with a foundation scent and build upon that. First a shower gel or soap first, followed by a shaving balm and topped off with aftershave – three steps to discovering a new combination for a new you. When you stop to think how important a scent can be, one gains a new respect for perfume. A scent should be subtle; an indicator of who you are. A personality: and dare I say a hallmark of you as a man. It should allure, fascinate – even entice. It should subconsciously attract, not detract.

Shop our Colognes, Shower Gels or Aftershave Balms and start your scent combining journey today.