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Learn to improve your personal hygiene through our list of grooming tips for healthier skin care, perfecting your hairstyle, and smelling your best.

It's the start of a new season, a time when self-improvement and reinvention are at an all-time high. Perhaps you've decided that this will be the year you get fit, learn a new language, or read more books. Whatever your new year's resolutions are, we encourage you to embrace all things new, form better habits, and carry yourself with the high self-esteem that comes with a curated grooming routine.

Achieving your goals starts with feeling good, which means looking good. So could this year also be the time to step up your grooming routine? Our personal grooming tips will set you up to achieve great things in the year ahead for the clean-shaven and the bearded.

It All Starts with Your Skin

For men with a busy schedule, one of the most critical steps in a personal grooming routine is to moisturize your skin with high-quality body lotion as well as a facial moisturiser. If you're new to skincare, don't be put off by the idea of a regime - you're likely already practicing some of these steps without thinking twice. Be sure to choose a moisturizer with natural ingredients tailored to your skin type to lock in moisture all day long, especially if you live in a drier climate.

Hydrating Shower

Start your grooming routine with a shower so you can head into the day smelling good, feeling good, and leaving a favorable first impression with everyone you meet. The stimulating effects of the jojoba beads in Invigorating Bath and Shower Scrub and its exceptionally refreshing rosemary-mint fragrance are guaranteed to freshen up your morning routine. Combined with vitamin E, which works to rehydrate the skin, this product will ensure you have noticeably healthy-looking, hydrated skin that will elevate your personal presentation. For beard hair products, use Coconut Shampoo that is mild on your facial hair, cleaning it thoroughly and keeping it healthy.


To ensure your face has a clear and radiant complexion, we recommend deep cleansing as part of your routine. It's essential to pick a cleanser that exfoliates, removing dead skin and revealing a brighter, newer complexion underneath. Our pick is Daily Facial Cleanser. It helps to stimulate skin-cell renewal with gentle exfoliation and toning without stripping your skin's natural oils—a great way to prepare the skin for a perfect shave.


The warm water of a shower before you shave will have opened your pores and softened your stubble, making it easier for your razor to cut through your unwanted hair. A good start to your shaving routine is essential to keep your skin looking its best and prevent irritation, rashes, and ingrown hairs. For a superb result, use Ultimate Comfort Pre Shave Oil.


Preheat a genuine badger brush under hot, running water for the optimum shave. Next, apply a few dabs of shaving cream to your skin. We suggest one of our signature glycerin-based shaving creams, available in a bowl or tube, for example, our Trafalgar Shaving Cream. For sensitive skin, try our Ultimate Comfort Shaving Cream, which is unscented. Using the badger brush, work the cream into the face in a circular motion to produce a luxurious lather that softens the bristles of your shave brush.

Use a multi-blade razor, such as the Gillette Mach III or Fusion, for a fast and efficient shave. These types of razors pivot to follow the contour of the face and come with an aloe vera strip to help lubricate the glide of the blade, so you do not over-exfoliate the skin. For best results, use gentle strokes and let the razor's weight guide you into how much pressure should be applied to the skin. A heavier razor will reduce the amount of work needed. Rinse the blades regularly with hot running water to prevent clogging up your razor. Blunt blades are one of the biggest causes of razor burn, so always make sure yours are in perfect condition.

Once finished, rinse any remaining cream from your face, as if not removed, it could dry your skin out and cause breakouts. It's also important to use cold water to close the pores. Pat with a clean, dry towel.

Post-Shave Moisturize

The last step of this shaving regime should be a good quality aftershave balm. This will help restore the natural moisture levels in your skin and help reduce any irritation. We recommend the refreshing West Indian Limes Aftershave Balm with soothing lanolin and aloe vera extract. Alternatively, try our Ultimate Comfort Aftershave Balm if you have more sensitive skin.


Facial hair draws moisture away from the skin's surface, so it's just as important to consider how you look after your skin if you are bearded. To soften and smooth beards of all shapes and sizes and moisturize your skin underneath, use Gentleman's Beard Oil. Finish with an alcohol-free product that does not dehydrate, like Gentleman's Beard Balm, easily absorbed by the skin, improving beard strength while preventing dry, itchy, and flaking skin beneath.

If your upper lip dawns a stache to accompany your beard, be sure to routinely trim your mustache hairs, so they sit politely above your lip.


We also want to stress preventative measures you can take to keep skin aging at bay. We encourage you to make it a point to care for your skin this year by applying sunscreen every day, starting well before those hot summer months. Choose a dermatologist-recommended sunscreen with an SPF 50 rating or higher to protect your skin from premature aging and damage. Bonus points if you select a sunscreen that allows you to smell good - enough of that chemical-smelling commercial suntan lotion. Look for one that won't clash with or completely overtake your deodorant or cologne.


Speaking of cologne, as you prepare to make this your year, why not pick a fragrance to help you remember it? After all, it's well known that a distinctive scent can trigger strong memories – 'olfactory memory' to those in the know. One for the modern man, our Apsley Cologne - is blended with woody and citrus notes for a unique masculine aroma. Make this the finishing touch on your best year yet.

Nail Care

Unkempt finger and toenails are often unsightly and compromise an otherwise polished look. Invest in quality nail clippers to keep your nails short and uniform. But suppose you're not skilled with a nail trimmer, or you're looking for an elevated experience. In that case, there is no shame in treating yourself to a manicure and pedicure to ensure you're well-groomed and ready to present yourself to the world in a polished and curated fashion.

And if you're still looking for a book to fulfill your obligatory "read more" new year's resolution, you can never go wrong with a classic by Charles Dickens – who also happened to be a Truefitt & Hill regular patron. Our mantra, 'Groom for Greatness,' really does say it all.

Time to put your best foot forward and explore all of Truefitt & Hill's personal grooming products trusted by the likes of Charles Dickens and other distinguished gentlemen throughout history.