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Rafael Valdez is an acclaimed tattoo artist, who counts many international superstars and Hollywood celebrities among his clientele.


Born in Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico, at nine years old he migrated with his family to the US. Not knowing English, he expressed himself through his art, forever practicing and grooming himself for greatness. 


Today, he is recognized as an inspiration to the Latino community as an immigrant who overcame adversity. His art form mastery is an inspiration for global tattoo artists. His work is coveted by men and women who commission him and play his canvas. 


Rafael’s talent and work ethic has been celebrated by Univision on "Primer Impacto," Hollywood Life TV, TV Azteca and other media throughout the US and Latin America.




He sits down with Truefitt & Hill North America to talk about his style and grooming.  


"In my line of work, I am always on the go and need to keep my grooming quick, efficient, and to the point," says Rafael.


"In the shower I use an unscented face scrub to cleanse. Once I get out of the shower, I always blow dry my hair. This allows me to have more flexibility in styling my hair.


"To shape it, I always use Truefitt & Hill Hair Management Pomade instead of gel. Pomade keeps my hair held in place for long hours even throughout an eight-hour tattoo session."


Rafael feels his hair is his best feature. 


"Because I maintain it, I am able to style my hair in many different ways. Even if I am going to put a hat on, I still do my hair. I am very picky about always looking as presentable as possible and Truefitt & Hill’s Hair Management Pomade helps me look the way I want to everyday.


"I think my hair, plus smelling good, are my strongest appearance and presentation features. In fact, what people compliment me on the most is how good I smell


Thanks, Truefitt & Hill!"


- by Connell Kennedy

Irish-born Connell is a newly bearded Truefitt & Hill fan based in Vancouver, BC. This story also appeared on popular website tattoo.com. 

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