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One of Truefitt & Hill's most distinguished clients, Winston Churchill said, "never give in, never give in, never give in." Such sage advice speaks to the thousands of graduates preparing to advance in studies or enter their chosen profession at this time of year. 

Whether you are graduating in trades or academics, entering the workforce or furthering studies, now is the time to keep your optimism and sharpen your appearance in step with your personal goals and style.

Truefitt & Hill, the world's oldest barbershop, delights in sharing personal advice for grads from loyal clients as well as recommended gift ideas from its executive director Linda Mountford.  

Top Three Tips

1. Advice for Grads: Be True to You

One of Truefitt & Hill's loyal enthusiasts is Hollywood actor and producer Noel Guglielmi who during downtime speaks to hundreds of youth across North America about esteem and success. Following his advice that "we were not meant to fit in; we were meant to stand out" talks about finding and putting your personal style forward. A trip to the barber with an open mind and willingness to bounce thoughts and experiment is a great first step to defining a look that reflects your personality and accents your best features. His red carpet scent of choice is the masculine classic, 1805.  Looking for more advice? Noel discusses his personal regimen with Dapper Confidential here. Visit his official website.


2. Advice for Grads: Stay your course

Striking curls, lush facial hair, open smile? Zone in on the qualities you want to accent and play them up. Beyond that, health and being attentive to looking your best comes down to health. Truefitt & Hill fan from Montreal is celebrated sobriety coach Bob Marier. His advice as you enter the working world or next phase of post-grad life is that "looking and feeling good both take some effort" and that the most underrated health tip is to "get your sleep." For Bob, self-care begins with making his bed in the morning. The discipline required for success comes down to consistency and structure, which is why he tells clients to be "ready to be ready." Follow Bob's adventures on Instagram @hiredsobriety.

3. Advice for Grads: Tend to the basics

A fine set of tweezers to address stray hairs, a manicure set for hands and nails, clean and tidy hair, and a light scent from soaps, shower gels or colognes can mark a world of difference in how you present yourself every day and on special occasions like a hiring interview or graduation ceremony. 

Shopping for Grads?

Truefitt & Hill North America executive and mother of two boys, Linda Mountford is often asked for top recommendations to present to graduates in celebration of their milestone occasion. Her top selections and rationale:

Grad Gifts Under $400

"An impressive gift to start a young man off on a solid, impressive shaving journey is a stand, razor and brush set," says Linda. "These are legacy pieces that every man should own and will certainly treasure over time." Truefitt & Hill's handsome collection choices are here.

"Because grads are truly "going places," we love the idea of a travel set or a customized assortment of goods for a mobile lifestyle," says Linda.

Consider this perfectly packaged essential travel kit or our combine two popular travel items like the sleek tube traveler brush with a Sandalwood travel kit and a small, ox shoe horn.

Together or on their own, these options are spectacular to unwrap and send a personal, warm message to celebrate a grad's progression in life.


Grad Gifts Under $100

"The five-star rated 1805 classic scent in a bowl delivers a Truefitt & Hill gift of distinction makes for a grad gift to enjoy for years," she says. "Graduation gifts that are made to last and are used often remind the receiver how proud you are of their accomplishments and to always look their best."

Unsolicited customer comments range from "a very luxurious experience...I think I've found what I have always been looking for" to the "best shave cream ever." 

Purchase a classic Truefitt & Hill 1805 shave cream in a bowl for the grad (or teacher) in your life here at this special time of year.

Whether your life leads you to pursue further studies, enter the professional workforce or transition with a gap year, on behalf of Truefitt & Hill, congratulations and best wishes for every success. We extend this sentiment to all of the proud graduates and their equally proud teachers, friends, and families who value learning as much as we do.