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Classic men's haircuts are experiencing a much-deserved resurgence in popularity, and Truefitt & Hill is pleased to welcome back of some of history's most iconic styles. To compliment a host of the last century's most prominent haircuts, we're pleased to introduce some of our very own era-true products to help achieve them.


One of the most versatile of all hair products is pomade. It differs from gel and hair spray in that it does not dry, or leave the hair looking wet, but gives a rather subdued sheen ideal for many occasions.
Our latest pomade formulation— Truefitt & Hill's Hair Management Pomade provides a medium hold and affords a subtle shine-finish, alternatively an extra sheen can be created by additional product application. It is especially effective for hair styles that are achieved by using a comb, and after application does not dry out, providing an infinite number of re-moulding opportunities allowing for minor re-styling throughout the day. Containing Earthwax, a naturally occurring mineral that assists in giving the pomade a strong, pliable hold, the pomade works well on all hair types. This product is water soluble, so rinses out easily during washing. 

Styling Paste 

Traditionally thicker than pomade, styling paste is one of the most widely used hair products for men. Product can be ran through the wearers fingers to soften during styling, but will regain structure and thickness once inside the hair. Truefitt & Hill's Styling Paste is considered the "pomade" of its day—and is a very traditional formulation close to classically used pomades. Perfect for short to medium hair, it can be used to create touchable hold and texture with a natural sheen. To increase hold and definition, simply add more. Work a small amount through damp or dry hair to create your look.

Texture Clay

Texture clay provides a durable hold, but is lightweight and shine-free. The matte finish works well for those looking to achieve a natural, textured look. Truefitt & Hill's Texture Clay has been newly reformulated, and uses mineral-rich Bentonite clay that has healing and stimulating properties which are known to benefit hair growth and scalp health. The formulation helps to add body, thickness and structure to the individual hair shafts, ultimately providing volume throughout the day. It will also aid control of frizzy hair making it particularly suitable for use on curly or longer hair styles. This lightweight formulation will not leave any residue and will not weigh the hair down.
For best results it should be used sparingly and can be applied before (as a pre-styler) or after (as a finishing product). Rub a small amount between palms and fingertips and work evenly through damp or dry hair.

Styling Wax

For total control and a stronger hold on the style of your choosing, you may desire a styling wax. Providing a high-shine finish, styling wax has long since been a favourite for defined styling, and was seen often throughout the 1920s and 1930s as a first choice in maintaining a neat, tidy, structured look. Truefitt & Hill's Styling Wax is high-performing, offering a superior hold that still allows for style restructuring throughout the day where needed. Styling Wax is specially formulated with Propolis (a naturally occurring resin) known to have antimicrobial and antioxidant properties that assist in maintaining strong hair follicles and a healthy scalp.  For best results, work a small amount through damp or dry hair to create desired style and look. To increase hold and definition, simply add more product.  


Tonic and Friction

An old-world styling product that holds up in modern-times, tonic—often called friction— is historic is its own right. Tonic is unique from many other hair products in that it's often a liquid or a cream—not solid as pomade or wax or clay is.
A mainstay in the 1950s and 60s, Tonic has experienced a rise in popularity with the return to traditional barbering and classic cuts for men, and we're thrilled to see it's return to favour. When in use, tonic enhances glossiness and smoothes hair for easier management and control, and works best when applied while hair is still wet. Truefitt & Hill's Tonic Lotion Special is a traditional tonic—lightly scented with lavender and lemon and works well on both dry and normal hair.
At the barber, hair tonics are also often referred to as “friction lotions” because they can be used to give clients an invigorating scalp massage. Massage helps to stimulate blood circulation to the hair follicles, while the tonic itself moisturizes and conditions the hair and scalp. Truefitt & Hill's Freshman Friction and Athenian Water both promote scalp health and provide lightweight holds and subtle scents to the wearer.
To use hair tonic, brush hair and massage the tonic into the hair and scalp. Massaging helps to stimulate circulation to the scalp, promoting scalp health, while the tonic moisturizes the hair and scalp. Once the tonic has been applied, the hair can be styled, with the tonic holding the hair in place and giving it a shiny appearance. 

C.A.R Cream and Lotion

A traditional hair preparation for hard to manage hair, C.A.R cream (without oil) achieves a sleek style for those seeking to attain a well-groomed look. Truefitt & Hill's C.A.R Cream and C.A.R Lotion contain the delicate fragrance of lily of the valley— with the primary difference being the presence of oil in the lotion and not within the cream. Both were first created for the Royal Automobile Club in Pall Mall from which it took its name around 1900. 
From whatever era you find grooming inspiration—trust in Truefitt & Hill for grooming wisdom and heritage quality haircare from centuries past and into our future.